The Tariqa Burhaniya

The Arabic word tariqa (pl. turuq) means path
and also refers to a sufi order sufi community.
The Tariqa Burhaniya has been founded by
Sayyidi Abul Hasan ash-Shadhuli and
Sayyidi Ibrahim Disuqi in the 13th century.
The complete name of the sufi order is
Tariqa Burhaniya Disuqiya Shadhuliya referring
to its founders (Burhan-u-din is a surname of
Sayyidi Ibrahim Disuqi meaning evidence of religion).

The Tariqa Burhaniya was renewed by the Sudanese
Sheikh Mawlana Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani
(1902-1983). Its leadership has been brought forward
from Sheikh Mohamed Osman Abdu al Burhani to
his son Sheikh Ibrahim ( 2003) and thereafter
to his grandson Sheikh Mohamed.

The Tariqa Burhaniya is a sufi order for both
women and men that has been spreading in the
West for some years. They follow the sufi path
which is related to all aspects of daily life.
There are many Burhaniya sufi centers (zawiya)
around the world where we meet regularly to do
spiritual exercises together, to pray, to learn, to
celebrate and to socialize. Every Thursday night a Hadra
takes place - a common practice of the Sufis
which opens the hearts to God's love.
You are most welcome to drop in and meet us
personally. We are pleased to meet you and to
answer your questions.

You can find the addresses of our centers around
the world as well as more information and insights visiting
the public intranet of Tariqa Burhaniya.