Tariqa Burhaniya in Germany

In various German cities groups of the tariqa join for zikr, for prayer, and for many social activities. In Ashausen, Berlin, Greifswald, Hamburg, Munich, Münster, and Stuttgart (Leonberg) the groups meet in special rooms (zawiyas) where the Sufi ceremony of Hadra is celebrated (usually every Thursday). In other cities the Hadra takes place also in private rooms.

The members of the tariqa meet also to listen to lectures about Islam and Sufism, to learn mystical songs (qasida) and to enjoy chanting. We organize special groups for men and women respectively, programs for children and courses in Arabic language. We join for sharing meals or celebrating various festivities of Islam and Sufism.

The Burhanis of Germany enjoy meeting in the beautiful location of House Schnede, the European Center of Tariqa Burhaniya located in Northern Germany. Each year in the beginning of August we celebrate the Hawliya of the founder of our tariqa Mawlana Sheikh Mohammed Osman Abduh. In House Schnede, introduction into Sufism and the mystical interpretation of Islam are offered. We also spend our holidays there. Guest are heartly welcomed to all our activities.

Contact in Germany

Ashausen Contact: Mohammed Gurtmann
Tel.: 04174 - 650183 (p) or - 650711 (d)

Bahnhofstraße 1
21435 Ashausen

Meeting for Hadra: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, 7 p.m.

Berlin Contact: Abdullah Nissen
Mekkanische Rose Berlin (shop)
10629 Berlin
Tel./Fax: 030 - 3231419

Tariqa Burhaniya Berlin
Weigandufer 28 (IV.)
12059 Berlin
Tel: 030 - 6811200

Hadra every Thursday night (8:30 p.m.)

Hamburg Contact:
Abdel Karim Henry Anders
Tel.: 040 - 696 23 27
E-mail: buero.hamburg-xya34[at]ddks-burhaniya.de

Glashüttenstrasse 79
22359 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 - 696 23 27

Hadra: every Thursday night (8:00 p.m.)- Guests are welcome.

Munich Contact: Maria Zepter
Leopoldstraße 60,
80202 München
Tel: 089 - 345 898
Fax: 089 - 345 850

Schwindstraße 1a
80798 Munich
Tel.: 089 - 522919

Hadra: every Thursday night (8:30 p.m.)

Münster Address Zawiya:
Bahnhofstraße 9
48143 Münster
Tel: 0175/ 6760985

Meeting for Hadra: Thursday 7:45 p.m.
see also www.muenster.org/sufi)

Pforzheim Contact: Nured-Din Metzler
Untere Kirnbachwiesen 3
75223 Niefern-Oschelbronn
Tel.:07233 - 2217

Stuttgart Contact: Mohammed Scheuring 
Tel.: 07159 - 161729 

Löwen-Markt 5
70499 Stuttgart-Weilimdorf
U6 Gerlingen, (direction 'Gerlingen') to Löwen-Markt
Löwen-Markt-Center, 2nd floor

Hadra every Thursday night (8:30 p.m.)

Speyer/Heidelberg Contact: Ali Ugurel
Tel.: 06232 - 679033

Burhani Center Europe Haus Schnede
21376 Salzhausen
Tel.: 04172 - 9616 11/12
Fax: 04172 - 9616 13