The Tariqa in France

Tariqa Burhaniya of France (since 1980) is international, and gathers in fact several nationalities as French (from land and island), Tunisians, Algerians, from Maroc, Benin, Ivory Cost, Mali, Senegal, Italy, Spain... With respect to the family, the social, and the human being in general, Tariqa proposes to women and men living in this country to meet together in order to discover the hidden Richness. Our group meets twice a week: - on Sunday for the training of the heart (Hadra) and for lectures about sufism - on Friday for meditation (muraqabba).

Contact in France


Fathi Sebaļ
Tel: +33 - 671974588


Zaynab Batlle Awadallah
25 Rue Miguel de Cervantes
F-51100 Reims
Tel: 03 26 36 36 09


Koné Salifou
1, cheminement Cambert
Appt 41
31100 Toulouse