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The Tariqa Burhaniya in Britain

Tariqa Burhaniya has been active in London since the early 1980s. Our weekly activities are:

  • Saturday: Zikr meeting or 'Hadra'
  • Monday: Figh and Sufi lessons
  • Friday: Meditation or 'Muraqaba'

    Annually, we celebrate the commemoration of Mawlana Sheikh Mohammed Uthman in a big hall not far from the center of London. We invite a large number of people including senior officials from Islamic and Muslim organizations. The celebration is advertised in newspaper and magazines.

    Tariqa Burhaniya in Britain enjoys interaction with communities interested in Sufism. We will continue to play an active role in religous and culture events (e.g. meetings of Muslim organizations, festival of Sufi music).

    Contact in Britain


    Contact: Ahmed Sanhouri
    Tel.: ++44-171-2433821 or ++44-956963740

    Zawia's Tel/fax: 0171 - 931 7756

    Tariqa's E-Mail in London: